Civil Society Grant Facility

Who can apply?

CSOs and CBOs in Bhutan can apply for the Grant Fund, on the condition that they:
• Are an active civil society organization or community-based organization in Bhutan.
• Contribute to the country’s sustainable development and good governance goals.
• Are not already receiving ongoing project support through the Grant Fund.
Government bodies, for-profit entities, and individuals are not eligible to apply.

When to apply?

Calls for proposals will happen once a year, and will be announced through social media, local radios, national television, and newspapers with the widest outreach. In addition, local leaders will be requested to share information on the call for proposals within their constituencies.

Tentative months are indicated below:

RoundCall for proposalDeadline for proposals
11st August 2021End of August 2021
21st March 2022End of March 2022
31st March 2023End of March 2023

What are Eligible Areas for Support?

In line with the objective of the Grant Fund, CSOs and CBOs are eligible to submit proposals on policy advocacy around four core themes:

Theme 1: Increasing Civil Society and Media Engagement
Theme 2: Promoting Youth and Women’s Engagement and Leadership
Theme 3: Enhancing Public Accountability and Transparency
Theme 4: Reducing Inequalities and Vulnerabilities, including of those affected by COVID-19
Eligible activities can include events, campaigns, studies and research, publications, panel discussions, media engagement, and other initiatives that are clearly aimed at advocating for the above core themes.

Activities not eligible include: construction activities, pre-award costs, profit-generating projects, scholarships to support the education of individuals, support for single party in electoral campaigns/lobbying, religious activities, loans/seed money for enterprises.

What are the budget requirements?

Floor level funding is EURO 5,000 and the ceiling is EURO 15,000 in equivalent Ngultrum currency.
Administrative costs shall not exceed 10% of total project costs. All administrative‐related costs over and above 10% must be financed by the CSO from sources of funds outside of the grant.
For more details on other eligible and ineligible costs, refer our Grant Guidelines.