Civil Society Grant Facility

Who can apply?

The types of eligible entities include:

TypeEligibility Criteria
CSOs and NGOsBe duly registered with the CSO Authority.Is an active CSO/NGO in Bhutan.Does not have an ongoing project through this grant making window.Contributes to the achievement of governance goals and SDGs. Demonstrates commitment towards improving the situation of either women, youth, persons with disabilities or other vulnerable groups.Has sound credentials in financial management.
Community based groups, associations, organizationsFarmer groups and cooperatives.Non-registered but organized groups and associations.Is known in the community in the case of non-registered groups and associations.
CSO networks, alliances, consortiaBe a network/alliance/consortium of CSOs in Bhutan.Minimum of 3 members in the network/alliance/consortia.Contributes to the achievement of governance goals and SDGs.Demonstrates commitment towards enhancing the situation of civil society in Bhutan.

When to apply?

The entire grant application process from call to proposal to project completion, will follow the following steps:

What are Eligible Areas for Support?

In line with the objectives of the Grant Fund, CSOs may submit proposals under the following categories:

  1. Socioeconomic empowerment initiatives for vulnerable groups, especially women, youth, Persons with Disabilities and the LGBTQI+ community and groups whose vulnerabilities have been worsened by COVID-19 in pursuing:
    • Advocacy actions AND/OR
    • Sustainable social enterprises.
  2. Sustainable revenue models under:
    • Innovative ideas to enhance revenue sources for CSOs AND/OR;
    • Public-private partnerships.
  3. Research applicable to the Bhutan CSO context that could contribute to future policy advocacy.

Eligible activities may include events, studies and research, publications, panel discussions, media engagement, and other initiatives that are clearly aimed at meeting objectives under the core categories.

Refer the Grant Fund Guidelines for further details on eligible and ineligible costs.

What are the budget requirements?

Applicants may apply for grants with a floor level funding of EURO 5,000 and a ceiling of EURO 10,000. The implementation period for grants shall be for a maximum period of 18 months.

The budget floor and ceiling were determined based on past experiences with grants spending capacities of Civil Society groups and organizations, and minimal requirements to carry out an event based on approximate actual costs in the country.

Administrative costs shall not exceed 10% of total project costs. All administrative‐related costs over and above 10% must be financed by the CSO from sources of funds outside of the grant.