Civil Society Grant Facility


‘Project ‘Nyamdrel: Support to Parliament of Bhutan and CSOs’ aims to enhance democratization and sustainable development in Bhutan. The specific objectives are to ensure that:

  1. Targeted CSOs engage effectively with Parliament and participate in legislative and oversight processes.
  2. Parliament provides an enabling environment for public participation in parliamentary business.

Project ‘Nyamdrel was initiated in January 2021 and will be implemented International IDEA and Helvetas Bhutan over a period of 36 months (including a three-month inception phase). The Project contributes to the EU Multi-Annual Indicative Programme 2014-2020 which focuses on the ‘Local Authorities and Civil Society’ sector including capacity development for Civil Society.

Over the course of three years, it is expected that Project ‘Nyamdrel will achieve the following three results:

  1. Capacity of targeted CSOs, the CCC and the CSOA, particularly on policy advocacy is strengthened.
  2. Visibility of targeted CSOs increased.
  3. Capacity of Parliament to conduct public hearings and collaborate with Civil Society strengthened.
  4. Capacity of Parliament to communicate effectively, both internally and with the general public strengthened.


International IDEA in collaboration with Helvetas Bhutan will serve as the Secretariat for implementation of the Civil Society Grant Facility and the EU funded Project ‘Nyamdrel as a whole.

The Civil Society Grant Facility is intended to enable CSOs to strengthen their policy advocacy work and increase civil society led policy reforms in sustainable development and good governance, including for groups affected by COVID-19.

The grant fund is expected to lead to an increased engagement of Civil Society in democratic consultations and decision-making processes at local and national levels; and increased capacity to effectively pursue advocacy in the long term.

Name of CSO Project Title Amount Duration Dzongkhag
Test 2 20,000 12 Months Bumthang, Chukha, Dagana
Bhutan Foundation Test Phase II 111 6 Months Chukha