Civil Society Grant Facility

Tarayana Foundation

Posted On: September 27th, 2018

Self-help groups (SHGs) served by the Tarayana Foundation in Lhuentse, Monggar and Pema Gatshel will be supported to improve their socio-economic conditions through this 24 months project.

The women’s SHGs will be mobilized and strengthened to work collectively towards helping each other earn additional income.

  • In Lhuentse, community’s consultation, mobilization and formation of a self-help group each in three target villages have been completed.
  • By-laws for these groups have been drawn up in consultation with the group members and these groups will focus on nettle weaving.
  • Community consultation and group mobilization has also been completed in Pemagatshel in the target villages of Mekuri and Bangyul.
  • A self-help group has been formed with 14 members from the two communities who will work on cotton cultivation and weaving.

The major challenges reported by the groups have been in the identification and sourcing of labour saving equipment and tools from India.  The election period also prevented the groups from gathering and discussing the activities.