Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: October 25th, 2019

Title of the project     Preparing for Reintegration through Education and participative solutions (PREPS)

Location of the project    20 Dzongkhangs but mainly focused on Chukha, Monggar, Zhemgang, Tashiyangtse and Samtse

Name of the applicants    Nazhoen Lamtoen

Duration of the project    12 months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/EURO)    Nu. 2,242,500.00

Objectives of the project

  • Enhance supportive environment for children and youth in difficult circumstances, and children and youth who come in conflict with law.
  • Better coordination for support and services among government and non-government stakeholders.
  • Raised awareness, changed perceptions and mind-set of local leaders, community members, parents on at risk youth and children.
  • Enhance support and services from community members, parents, and local leaders for children and youth who are at juvenile correction facility, or realised from it, and those at-risk youth and children who are at risk of committing crimes.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries

  • Representative in respective Dzongkhag NCWC, RBP, YDRC, RENEW, justice systems, Local community members, local leaders and parents.
  • At local level – the project will expedite with policy makers, parliamentarians and other authorities

Estimated results  The proposed project will-achieve the following results by the completion of the project period;

  • An Advocacy campaign Strategy will be developed, and implemented for local support, or change for the benefit of the children and youth in conflict with law.
  • An effective network and collaboration will be established with stakeholder’s representative in respective Dzongkhag to render the support for the child upon release from the juvenile center.
  • Audio-visual developed and disseminated to raise awareness, change perception, and develop support for children and youth who come in conflict with the law.
  • Carry out advocacy Campaign to change the mindset, perception, and gamer support from local community members, local leaders, business establishments, and parents for children and youth released from juvenile correction facility, and those at-risk of offending or committing crimes.
  • Build the capacity of Nazhoen Lamtoen to carry out. Advocacy campaign by identifying current issues, developing strategy and plan, and its implementation

Main activities

  • 20 minutes short film based on the children conflict with law will be produced highlighting the main factor that leads to children in contact with law and how society can together prevent it.
  • Week long Nazhoen Lamtoen staffs training on enhancing advocacy campaign
  • Advocacy campaign in 5 districts will be flag off for the teachers and local leaders
  • Advocacy campaign in 5 districts will be flag off for the school children