Civil Society Grant Facility

Shingyer Beekeeping Group

Posted On: September 27th, 2018

43 (12 M, 30F) members of the Shingyer Beekeeping Group of Shingyer village in Bumthang, intends to strengthen their group through collective honey processing and marketing through their 12 months project.

The group got themselves trained by the local livestock extension officer on advanced beekeeping, honey & wax processing and proper packaging & marketing of honey. They also mobilized community members in the village and provided awareness on the benefit of beekeeping to the environment, pollination for improved agriculture production and income generation through honey.

The group has completed most of the planned activities and has achieved its intended outputs within the initial implementation period itself. The major learning output for the group was effective project management and seeking professional help from local government officials. The group has implemented all the tools provided to them during the Bookkeeping and project management training, for effectively managing resources, work planning and networking.