Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: November 7th, 2022

Name of CSO Lhak-Sam, Chithuen Phenday Association, Pride Bhutan, Red Purse Network, QVOB, CRBS
Amount 794,820
Duration 12 Months
Dzongkhag Bumthang, Chukha, Paro

Objectives of the project

  • In the 1st quarter of the project implementation period, carry out 1 training workshop for 25 KAPs from five KP-led networks/organizations in the country on Policy Advocacy using the HELVETAS DEVELOPED ADVOCACY TOOLBOX.
  • In the 2nd quarter, and at the beginning of the 4th quarter of the project period using the knowledge gained from the training workshop, plan and carry out 2 evidence-based Policy Advocacy meetings with the policymakers/parliamentarians, and relevant partners, to seek a desired improvement and change in the policy, practices, and legislation affecting KAPs in Bhutan.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries    

  • Key affected populations (sex workers, drug users, SOGIESC, and PLHIV communities).

Estimated results

  • One Advocacy Strategy was designed and implemented.
  • 25 KAPs participated in the policy advocacy training workshop, of which 10 became proficient in designing and carrying out future evidence-based policy advocacy, ensuring the in-house capacity.
  • The evidence-based policy advocacy embedded sudden concern and an instant feeling among the policymakers and partners to collaborate on addressing the issues faced by the KAPs in Bhutan.

Main activities

  • Formulation of a detailed project work plan, approach, and methodology.
  • Draw a ToR, and hire a consultant to design the policy advocacy training workshop based on Helvetas’s Developed Policy Advocacy Toolbox, and to facilitate the training workshop.
  • Conduct the policy advocacy training workshop among the 25 KAPs in Bhutan.
  • Organize 2 evidence-based policy advocacy meetings with the policymakers and relevant partners in the country.
  • M & E.
  • Submission of a detailed report (narrative and financial).