Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: May 16th, 2019

Title of the Project           Empowering villages Holistic Development

Location of the project  Thimphu

Name of the applicant    Institute of well-being Bhutan Youth Development Fund

Duration of the project  18 Months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/ EUR)      Nu:3,544,400

 Objectives of the project             

  • Create GNH inspired Villages characterized by some youth with a real understanding of GNH values, who choose farming, as a way of life to showcase GNH inspired living and revive and sustain vibrant Bhutanese villages.
  • Inspire the youth who otherwise do not find employment in urban areas to choose farming as a way of life, through a real understanding of themselves and what they value,
  • The new band of farmers to be called Farmer+ would take Farming as their primary occupation, with Eco-tourism, Eco-friendly construction of houses, Bhutanese art and craft and other value added agro business, as processing of food, as their secondary occupation,
  • The Gewog Administration would understand development in holistic terms and be supportive of the Youth Farmers,
  • This brand of New Farmers would live an engaging life contributing to the social, cultural and political ambience of the Village, expressing their talents and creativity and their full humanity as a member of the Village community,

Target groups/ final beneficiaries

Young Educated Farmers, and who are unable to get employment in the urban areas

Estimated results     

  • Between 100-150, new brand of young educated farmers who are truly inspired and motivated, established as model farmers.
  • Between 50 to 60 GNH inspired, model villages established, across the country to serve as an inspiration for other villages to emulate,
  • A new trend of a sustainable number of youth start to stay behind in the villages and many villages see a revival of the socio-economic and cultural vitality of the villages.
  • Enhanced awareness of the educated youth farmers through a network that can naturally arise and be formed of those who have participated in these workshops,
  • An association of the new farmers be formed to promote interactions and discussions

Main activities  

  • Hold 5 community awareness s meeting
  • Conduct workshops for Empowering villages for Holistic Development.

Workshop for the Youth farmers to discuss how they are doing and think of the secondary activities and develop any skills required, in collaboration with the existing Training Institution Working with the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, as a part of the Farmer initiative