Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: October 25th, 2019

Title of the project    NWFP(Daphne) management at Sertena, Gakiling gewog, Haa dzongkhag

Location of the project     Gakiling Gewog, Haa Dzongkhag

Name of the applicants    Sertena Community Forest Management Group, Gakiling gewog, Haa dzongkhag

Duration of the project    12 months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/EURO)   Nu. 8,78,520.00

Objectives of the project

  • Sustainable NWFP (Daphne) management and harvesting
  • Sales and marketing of Daphne bark to local market
  • Sustainable management of NWFPs (Daphne) through plantation and nursery establishment
  • Income generation for poverty reduction and empower marginalized people in natural resource management and uplift livelihood in future
  • Develop Daphne management plan to maintain sustainability

Target groups/ final beneficiaries    Communities, government agencies, organizations, etc. Forestry staff of Haa, Local communities, local government, Social forestry and Extension Division DoFPs.

Estimated results

  • Improve livelihood of these marginalized group of people through sale of Daphne
  • Sustainable management & improve daphne growth, quantity & density through plantation & nursery management
  • Increase Daphne resource availability through proper management
  • Develop stewardship in natural resource management.
  • Develop sense of ownership in natural resource management through partnership

Main activities

  • Community meeting and training on Daphne harvesting methods
  • Construction of nursery for seedlings raising for plantation and management
  • Procurement of Daphne seeds, drying and treatment, storage etc…
  • Procurement, collection of leaf mould and top soil and transportation to site
  • Soils sieving, mixing, putting in poly pot and arrange in bed
  • Seed sowing/ transportation/ arrangement/ weeding/ cleaning/ watering etc…
  • Bush clearance twice a year over whole CF
  • Procurement of nursery tools and implement shed, poly pots including transportation etc…
  • Planting of Daphne seedlings, pit digging, clearing staking, fencing with klocal materials
  • Capacity building on networking, good governance, management of Daphne, book keeping and Daphne harvesting to the members.
  • Revision of By-Laws in full consultation with members and gewog Officials
  • Linking market with the group and signing of agreement with the group and firms.