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Posted On: September 28th, 2018

Title of the Project : Pilot project for initiating Palliative Care services including peer support   group   for   patients   with   terminal   diseases   in   Bhutan (“Compassionate Transition”)

Location of the project: Thimphu (patients from all Dzongkhags)

Name of the applicant: Bhutan Cancer Society

Duration of the project: 12 months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/ EUR): Nu 1,953,100.00

Objectives of the project: 

Through the proposed pilot project, BCS and its collaborating partners will achieve the following specific objectives:

  • Provide package of palliative services (pain management, psychosocial, spiritual and nutritional support) to terminally ill cancer patients.
  • Build peer support network for cancer patients and caregiver to better manage psychosocial issues.
  • Build capacity of the outreach social worker / family members to provide compassionate and supportive care services.
  • Design and validate model of palliative care service system for Bhutan in collaboration with the Faculty of Nursing and Public Health.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries:

Vulnerable people in the proposed context is defined as a person/individual in need of special care, support, or protection because of terminal illness such as cancer and are at risk of medical/social/emotional/ psychological neglect. Despite having equal access to free health services in Bhutan many cancer patients remain unattended at the end of their life and having no support system to manage psychosocial issues and side effect management. The analysis from the Population Based Cancer Registry (where all cancer patents are registered) indicates that the two most prevalent cancer, stomach and cervix are mostly diagnosed in later stage resulting in poor treatment outcomes. Secondly, the data indicates that majority of patients suffering from stomach and cervix are from rural areas and also socially and economically challenged background with limited access to information and supportive services.

Estimated results:

  • Terminally ill patients will receive palliative care services (pain management, psychosocial, spiritual and nutritional support) at the National Referral Hospital where all cancer treatment is provided free of cos
  • Cancer patients and care givers will establish peer support network grou
  • Module for introduction of Palliative care services will be developed for long-term sustainability.

Main activities:

  • Hold partner consultation workshop to map out implementation plan for the projec
  • Conduct spiritual support session (Yoga and Mediation)
  • Conduct Nutritional session
  • Provide Specialist Consultation for pain management through Off hour (only for under privileged patients)
  • Develop and print communication materials for side effect management
  • Develop and print Informational pamphlets on
  • palliative care services
  • Refurbishment of the therapy room
  • Design of module – retreat for 2 days