Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: September 28th, 2018

Title of the Project: “Empowering Women to achieve livelihood through Natural Food Production”

Location of the project:  The main project will be implemented in Sarpang, Gelephu and will be implemented through the two CFC sin Bumthang and Trshigang reaching toalmost3-5geogswithin that district.

Name of the applicant: SABAH Bhutan & Serchok Womens Group (Gelephu)

Duration of the project: 24 months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/ ):  Nu 4,634,500.00

Objectives of the project:

  • The primary beneficiaries soft his business will be the SherchokWomen Group members and secondarily the farmers across then action who will be increasing their income through the value chain process.
  • The group will be provided with regular work leading to a regular income. Establishing contacts and marketing will be in collaboration with the PMU, so that the women can concentrate in their food production and not have to worry about selling the products.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries:

Women home based workers in CFC of Sarpang, Trashigang and Bumthang Dzongkhags

Estimated results:

  • Up cycling &Product Mix: The Women group will work towards experimenting and producing new food products through food sampling.
  • Institutional building: Under the guidance of PMU, Sherchok Women Group (SWG) will design training modules and work towards creating a Training unit in Gelephu. The Women can then act as focal person or even train or the field level who could impart trainings to different food groups in Bhutan.
  • Trainings:Trainings will be a  regular activity at different levels starting from growing ,collecting, producing different food products, packaging  and Marketing for the  Women‟s group.
  • Value addition :Under this activity study will also take place on how much value addition can be made to the food products to enhance sales.
  • Cofunding of the construction of Food Community Facilitation Center(CFC):A portion of this funding will be injected in the construction of the Food unit in Gelephu. The government had offered 1226 square meters of land in the industrial area where SABAH Bhutan and Sherchok Group proposed to build a food unit.
  • This food unit will built through equity contribution from SABAH Bhutan,other sources and EUfunding.

Main activities:

  •  Membership Awareness Registration of new members
  • Training on Amla Candy and pickle Food Production Training on Bamboo Shoot
  • Food production Training on Mixed Vegetable Food production Workshop on Ginger Pickle
  • Food Production on Olive pickle
  • Training on Honey Production
  • Packaging Training
  • BAFRA training
  • Construction of Food unit