Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: November 7th, 2022

Name of CSO Lhak-Sam (Bhutan Network of People Living with HIV and AIDS)
Amount 794,280
Duration 12 Months
Dzongkhag Gasa

Objectives of the project

  • To pretest the feasibility of youth engagement, empowerment, and leadership in addressing risky sexual behaviors in nomadic communities.
  • To develop a simple, relevant, and sustainable STI intervention program best suited for a nomadic lifestyle.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries    

  • Youth

Estimated results

  • Developed local STI prevention intervention strategies by engaging and empowering young men and women from the community and by assessing risky behavior.
  • Young men and women are made aware of risky sexual behaviors and their roles, responsibilities, and accountability in the prevention program.
  • Capacity and leadership role of young men and women enhanced.
  • Intervention activities implemented & assessed.

Main activities

  • Desktop and literature review on STI/HIV prevention, cultural norms, and youth engagement.
  • Community consultation, rapid assessment &; focus group discussion relating to STI.
  • Formulation of information and education materials on STI/HIV.
  • Development &; finalization of capacity building, leadership, and young people engagement program for STI/HIV prevention.
  • Implementation of STI prevention activities which include meaningful engagement of the young people, empowerment, and leadership enhancement.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the activities and evaluation of the program end goals.
  • Finalization and presentation of the report to MOH and Helvetas.