Civil Society Grant Facility

Posted On: September 28th, 2018

Title of the Project:  Stimulating smooth and responsible sexual and gender based violence services in Bhutan at community level: Moving Domestic Violence Prevention Act 2013 into action.

Location of the project:  Thimphu, Trashigang

Name of the applicant: RENEW

Duration of the project: 12 months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/ ):  Nu 1,369,350.00

Objectives of the project: 

What does the project try to change or improve?

  • The biggest challenge is that of geographical terrain. The population in Bhutan is scattered and many people live in the remotest place which possess significant challenge for service providers to reach them and women and children from those areas are not being able to access the services. Due to poverty, there is increasing rate of rural urban migration in which most cases men migrate for better opportunity and women are left with double burden.
  • The types of cases reported to RENEW shows increasing number of willful negligence of the husbands of their family back home. Increasing trend of teenage pregnancy is an issue currently. The most disturbing issues are incest, extra marital affair leading to many social and health issues.
  • The acceptance of domestic violence as natural occurrence is very high among women themselves. The survey findings say
  • 74% respondents said it is justified. The women participation at decision level is still very low.
  • The project aims to bring  the services to the rural places through better coordination of service providers at block (gewog) level and facilitate effective coordination and communication with service providers in district and national level. The project will pave way to greater participation of women at all levels.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries: Local leaders, about 2000 local population of Trashigang (RENEW microfinance members and their families)

Estimated results: 

  • Holistic support services available in community centers .
  • 80%ofserviceprovidersprovidingeffectiveservices to the survivors of DV/GBV/VAW
  • 80%ofwomenexperiencingviolencebeingreported and availing services.
  • Acceptance of violence reduced from 74%.
  • Percentage of women participating in the decision making level increased from 26% to 40%.
  • RENEW CBSS(community Based Support System) volunteers network established in the community who could  serve  as  the  interface  between    RENEW &Community.

Main activities

  • Sensitization workshops in all Geogs of target Dzongkhag
  • Documentation via a documentary film
  • Action plan by stakeholders