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Posted On: October 31st, 2019

Title of the project   Sustainable Enterprise Development And Employment Creation through promotion of Moringa Olifera in Chuzanggang self-help community

Location of the project     Chuzanggang gewog, Sarpang Dzongkhag

Name of the applicants    Bhutan Ecological Society (BES)

Duration of the project     12 months

Total Cost of the project (in Nu/EURO)    Nu. 1,653,555.00

Objectives of the project

  • The project will ensure long term financial gain and job creation for women and youths and aiding to poverty alleviation of Chuzanggang self-help community
  • The project is intended to encourage a climate-resilient form of agriculture, agroforestry and permaculture.
  • The synergistic relationship amongst the community, CBOs and local government will be further strengthened through engagement and policy dialogues.

Target groups/ final beneficiaries    Communities, government agencies, private traders/ventures, etc…

  • Chuzanggang community, Chuzanggang local government, Gewog RNR Officials, Private entrepreneurs and the project Management Committee(PMC) of BES will be involved in the project

Estimated results

  • Concept of climate-smart agriculture is advocated
  • A new avenue for income and employment generation to be established
  • Improved Moringa value chain and market access instituted

Main activities

  • Stakeholders consultation meeting and formation of cooperative (including government extension agents, RNR-RDCs)
  • Consultative workshop with Government Departments and Private Ventures
  • Field and distribution survey
  • Market survey & analysis
  • Formation of cooperative
  • Formulation of bylaws
  • Viable seed purchase from India(kg)
  • Supply and transportation of greenhouse for seed germination
  • Installation of Greenhouse and preparation of field-beds(5 days)
  • Install automated drip irrigation system in 2 green house and surrounding farms (in collaboration with RNR-RDC Wengkhar, MoAF)
  • Purchase of Polypots(kg)
  • Training and capacity building programme on field transplantation and pruning
  • Field-trial and transplantation of moringa samplings
  • Training on sustainable land management
  • Training on harvesting and production of Moringa products and using of drip irrigation systems
  • Publication of policy and strategy report for utilizing fallow land, Augmenting Climate-resilient agriculture and improving livelihood (Designing & Publishing)