CSO Grant Facility


Phase I- EU-SCSB Project (2017-2021)

  • The Secretary of the Gross National Happiness Commission, who will be the PSC chairperson.
  • The Director General, Department of Agricultural Marketing and Cooperatives
  • The Head of the Policy and Planning Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests
  • The Director General of Local Governance
  • Eminent CSO member from the CSO Authority
  • The Member Secretary of the CSOA Secretariat
  • 2 representatives from the CSO core committee.
  • Country Director of HELVETAS Bhutan
  • EU representative (observer)

Phase II- EU-‘Support Civil Society and Bhutanese Parliament Engagement with Civil Society Organizations’ Project (2021-2023)

  • Regional Director for Asia and the Pacific
  • Country Director, Bhutan