Civil Society Grant Facility

Helvetas is accepting grant applications from CBOs & CSOs in Bhutan. The deadline to apply for the first cycle is 31st August 2021 at 5pm (BST).

We know that writing applications can be a challenging process so we have put together Application Guidelines to help you write a strong and competitive application ( apply/guidelines).

If you are still not sure how to get started, here are 5 tips for writing a competitive application:

  1. Be clear and concise. Write clearly what you want the project to address, where the activities will be implemented, and how it will benefit its intended community. Clearly outline the objectives, intended results and activities.
  2. Follow the instructions. Follow the instructions provided in the guidelines and strictly adhere to the application form. Additional information and papers maybe attached.
  3. Remember your reviewer. Your application will be reviewed by the Technical Sub-Committee and Project Steering Committee, who are representatives from different agencies in the country that support civil society growth. The list of criteria for assessment of the proposals are provided in the guidelines, therefore the proposals should try to be mindful of those criteria. Policy Advocacy (in the form of research, publications, policy briefs and other media engagement) is an overarching theme that the CSO Grant fund will support.
  4. Make your application stand out. Be clear about what your group will do with the funding and make sure you tell us what impact it will have on your community. The competition for funding is very high and you need to make a case for why your work is important to civil society development/ community development in your area/ region. Community engagement, and contribution from beneficiaries to the project are encouraged for project ownership and long-term sustainability.
  5. Be realistic. You are the experts of what needs to be done in your context so tell us what your group wants to do and not what you think we want to hear. The best applications are ambitious but realistic. This also includes the budget – ask for the funding that your group needs to do the work, and not based on the grant fund ceiling amount.